May I do massage therapy for pay before graduation?

No. State law prohibits the practice of massage for by unlicensed individuals. Licensing requires graduation from an approved training program.

How long does it take to complete the program?

Our 600 hours program takes 17 months to complete. Exceptional students may be approved for fast tracking and complete the requirements for graduation in a shorter time. Students may also attend part time, allowing a more leisurely pace for completion.

May I receive credit for previous training?

Credit for previous training will be considered and may be allowed on an individual basis. To be considered, candidates are required to submit transcripts and demonstrate proficiency. Testing fees may be charged.

Can I find employment as a massage therapist?

Therapeutic massage is one of the fastest growing career options. While the majority of TMTI graduates go into private practice, numerous employment opportunities exist in entry level positions. The Institute frequently receives calls from prospective employers in Charlotte and surrounding areas.

Does the Institute have a job placement service?

We make every effort to help place our students. While we cannot guarantee job placement we are actively engaged with many local employers and provide students with updated job listings on a regular basis.

Can I earn a living doing therapeutic massage work?

Yes. The average cost for a therapeutic massage in the Charlotte area ranges from $50 – $75. Fifteen to twenty sessions per week is considered a full-time practice. Many new therapists offer discounted rates of $45 or $50 per session for the first few months of practice to gain clients. Motivated individuals may establish a full practice in as little as six months.

Will I be certified?

Upon satisfactory completion of the program, you will receive a diploma which serves as professional certification. This program exceeds the recognized professional standard of 500 hours. We recommend that graduates join a professional association.