Unit One

…provides a foundation in massage therapy for stress reduction and relaxation.  In this unit, students learn Swedish Massage and are introduced to the qualitative elements of professional touch.  Anatomy & Physiology, Practical Anatomy and Business Practices are also studied.

Unit Two

…builds on the foundation learned in Unit I, adding new approaches and techniques, and introduces the clinical application of massage.  Techniques covered include Deep Tissue Massage, Movement Therapy and Sports Massage.  Courses in Pathology, Somatic Psychology enhance practitioners skills.  Anatomy and Physiology continues with a more in-depth exploration of body systems.

Unit Three

…covers the additional hands-on techniques with Integrative Manipulation Techniques and Seated Massage.  The in-depth study of the systems of the body is completed in Anatomy and Physiology and strengthened with a project in Clinical Research.  Also included are Pathology II and Nutrition.  Students participate in 15 hours of Practical Application and concentrate on areas of personal interest by selecting 40 hours of elective courses.