InstructorMichael Alicia
TypeOnsite Course
DateOct 27, 2018 - Oct 28, 2018
Time9am - 6pm

The Power of the Pelvis: Evolution of Movement, Postural and Gait Analysis

16 CEUs

Part 2: Evolution of Movement and Postural Analysis

Day 1 27th Oct: The A & P of Movement
Day 2 28th Oct: The Role of Fascia in Posture & Movement/ Working with Fascial Meridians

In this course, the student will study the evolution of movement from fish and amphibians to the more complex spinal movements of quadrupeds and bi-peds (primates and humans). We will explore the unique design of the human spine that allows for upright posture and movement and the role fascia plays in posture and locomotion. We will learn the myofascial meridians that contribute to posture and movement and explore a vocabulary for identifying postural imbalances. We will explore common patterns of imbalance in the kinetic chain.

Students will work with one another to identify postural imbalances associated with the pelvis and then use facial and muscular massage techniques to try to correct imbalances. We will also work to determine corrective exercises to help students work with their clients to improve and maintain postural corrections.

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