InstructorMichael Alicia
TypeOnsite Course
DateOct 26, 2018
Time5pm - 9pm

The Power of the Pelvis: Evolution of Movement, Postural and Gait Analysis

4 CEUs

Part 1: Gait Analysis / The Locomotor System

In this class the student will explore the biodynamics of gait especially the role the pelvis plays in locomotion. The student will be introduced to the cardinal myofascial meridians and how they coordinate to initiate and perpetuate walking and running. Students will kinesthetically explore the biodynamics of walking and then observe each other walking to begin to develop awareness of the actions of the pelvis in locomotion and the imbalances that are revealed.

Students should wear comfortable clothing and walking shoes. Soft-soled shoes similar to Tom’s shoes or Tai Qi footwear, would be ideal. Might also consider bringing 2 pairs of thick athletic socks to walk in (on the sidewalk) as well.

Price $125

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