InstructorMichael Alicia
TypeOnsite Course
DateOct 7, 2017
Time9am - 4pm

Better Body Mechanics

8 CEUs

Using body mechanics to differentiate between power and strength

Better Body Mechanics is very popular with students and practitioners who have practiced for a time and need a refresher course in better body mechanics.

The class starts away from the massage table, exploring a simple Tai Qi posture. By working with students to (re)discover their centers of gravity, at Tanden (just below the navel), we work to re-orient strokes and body mechanics so students learn to lean from their centers, putting the power of their strokes in the stronger and bigger muscles of the legs and not the (more easily injured and fatigued) muscles of the back and arms. We use body mechanics to differentiate between power and strength.

We also explore working with other body parts like fists, forearms, elbows and knees with a strong emphasis on proper form in order to provide alternatives to over-used hands and thumbs. We will use video to help students actually see and visualize their strengths and weaknesses.

Students should come prepared with sheet, towel, face cradle cover and cream or oil.

Fee $175

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